The Uptown Collection

The Uptown collection by 69 Park Ave GQ

Is found in seven styles and colors. Design focuses around the scarf and turtle neck. The collection is unique and works well with mesh avatars as well. Tested on TMP, Aesthetic and Slink. Sizes come in S|M|LxS|xL and includes matching dress pants.

Available at Main:  Click to purchase yours now.

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October Outfits – Now Available


  • Available NOW! at SWANK Events. The Gothic Black outfits… one all black and the other with red accents are special to SWANK Events this month. Each at L$289 include glasses, scarf, jacket with vest, leather cargos and boots.

Get your hunt on! One as a member free gift (at main store), the other two are hunt specials located at MenStuff and SWANK Events. Hunt goes on throughmonth of October 2016.

For Steals and Deals for this week is Damien, a Gothic look perfect for October festivities. Includes Mask, collar, jacket, pants & boots. All for L$169. Sale good until Monday.

Beginning for October are men’s casual outfits for Halloween. Each outfit can be worn with or without a vest. Only L$169 at Park Ave Main Store. (shoes sold separately)


The 55WEST

Still available for owners of Niramyth Aesthetic Body @ Park Ave Main Store

May New Releases

Last Edition of the Alexis Collection – el Dragon Outfit

GQ Alexis Dragon 1024x1024 by 69 Park Ave

Exclusively at SWANK Events specially priced for L$289. Outfit worn is FitMesh over SLink body and tested on Niramyth as well. The Bowler Hat is included and outfit can be worn with our without jacket. Matching this month’s SWANK outfit is matched by Merivale Designs, below.


Venturing in expanding the mesh body market, this week 69 Park Ave introduce the Monteray Collection beginning with the first out, Sunrise. Shown worn with SLink and Niramyth mesh bodies, Omega Appliers are needed to convert the beach shorts and the sleeveless shirt is mesh in sizes SMLxSxL. Available at Main Store this week for only L$169

GQ Monteray Collection - Sunrise 1024x1024 by 69 Park Ave

April Spring Men’s Attire

69 Park Ave GQ – New Release

SWANK Exclusive – Found at

At your leisre Collection - By 69 Park Ave


Two new outfits made for SWANK’s April event are found exclusively at SWANK’s show room consisting of At Your Leisure Outfit in khaki and brown jacket with a stylish matching sweater and slacks. This outfit is available only at SWANKS for L$289 and includes dress shoes.
The second outfit (top right) is the At Your Leisure Suit. This is a handsome one piece suit in a light breezy colors that keep you cool and looking sharp. Also handsomely priced at L$169.

New Main Store Releases

GQ Limon Negro 500x700GQ Limon 1024x1024 by 69 Park Ave

The Alexis Collection – Bold Elegance in Smart Casual Suits

The Alexis Collection consist of over five casual elegant suits in several styles and colors. The suits come in SMLxSxL and Fitmesh and are available at the Park Ave Main Store.

Note, the models are wearing the SLink body under these suits and all suits in this collection can be worn without the jacket too.

  • Alexis Limon – has two styles to choose from, the more formal executive look with tie and the more casual night life look with a buttoned up shirt.
  • Alexis Corleone – A STEALS & DEALS weekend Special available from Friday April 22nd to Monday April 25th, continue the elegant casual suit tradition of Park Ave with two black pinstripe suits that offer more choice in shirts and ties color combination. Each suit has two shirt combos and four tie choices. Depicted below are two of the Alexis Corleone Suits found also at Main Store for only L$289 until Moday.

GQ Alexis Corleone 500x700GQ Alexis Corleone Nero 500x700

MenStuff Exclusive

Route 69 Outfits Complete with Kicks  is an exclusive for the MenStuff Event for only L$169 each including sneakers as shown below; until the end of April.

Menstuff Exclusive April 2016.png

Still available for April at Park Ave Main Store!

These two suits in popular Spring colors are only L$169 at the Park Ave Main Store for April. Get yours today!

SWANK – March

This month at [SWANK] Events

69 Park Ave GQ brings you The Luck of the Irish with three new releases.

Swank March

  1. Luck of the Irish – Outfit includes four shirts worn with or without jacket as well as with or without tie. Normal (5) sizes plus FitMesh

GQ Luck of the Irish by 69 Park Ave 700x525

2. Regency Irish Gold – A debonair tuxedo all decked out with dress shoes, hat and     boutonniere. S|M|LxS|xLGQ Regency Irish Gold Tuxedo by 69 Park Ave 700x512.png

3. Alexis Blue – Outfit also includes four shirts worn with or without jacket as well as with or without tie. Normal (5) sizes plus FitMesh

GQ Alexis Blue by 69 Park Ave 700x525.png

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