Last Edition of the Alexis Collection – el Dragon Outfit

GQ Alexis Dragon 1024x1024 by 69 Park Ave

Exclusively at SWANK Events specially priced for L$289. Outfit worn is FitMesh over SLink body and tested on Niramyth as well. The Bowler Hat is included and outfit can be worn with our without jacket. Matching this month’s SWANK outfit is matched by Merivale Designs, below.


Venturing in expanding the mesh body market, this week 69 Park Ave introduce the Monteray Collection beginning with the first out, Sunrise. Shown worn with SLink and Niramyth mesh bodies, Omega Appliers are needed to convert the beach shorts and the sleeveless shirt is mesh in sizes SMLxSxL. Available at Main Store this week for only L$169

GQ Monteray Collection - Sunrise 1024x1024 by 69 Park Ave